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Gas Analysis Workshop 2013 - tar & sulphur sampling and analysis

Lupe [1]

Following the successful workshop on tar analysis 2011 [2] and the gas analysis workshop in Milan in 2013 [3], we decided to continue this work and bring again analytical questions regarding the analysis of gases from thermochemical processes into discussion and debate in a workshop. 

The fruitful discussions encourage us to go on with this so far voluntary work and to get ahead in advancing in processing biomass.

Find here the workshop program [4] and the presentations for download: 

Workshop program

To download the files please click on the links.

Gas Analysis Workshop 2013
introductory talks
Introduction to BRISK
Neil Fricker (IFRF, UK)
download slides [5]
Introduction to the workshop
York Neubauer (TU Berlin, Germany)
download slides [6]
Tar measurements - developments towards further standardisation
Wiebren DeJong (TU Delft, Netherlands)
download slides [7]
Sulfur Measurement
Serge Biollaz (PSI, Switzerland)
download slides [8]
standardization of measurement methods - an approach towards improving CEN/TS 15439
VTT's observations on tar measurements
Matti Reinikainen (VTT, Finland)

download slides [9]
Fundamentals of tar protocol like measurements
Markus Kleinhappl (Bioenergy2020+, Austria)
download slides [10]
host sites for common measurement campaigns
Introduction to host sites
Serge Biollaz (PSI, Switzerland)
download slides [11]
PSI host site
Serge Biollaz (PSI, Switzerland)
download slides [12]
ECN host site
Johan Kuipers (ECN, Netherlands) 
download slides [13]
KIT host site
Andreas Niebel (KIT, Germany)
download slides [14]
Possibilities for measurements at VTT
Matti Reinikainen (VTT, Finland)
download slides [15]
Conclusions of the workshop
Neil Fricker (IFRF, UK)
Poster presentations
A promising new on-line method of tar quantification by mass
spectrometry during steam gasification of biomass.

F. Defoort, S. Thiery, S. Ravel, F. Labalette, M. Campargue (CEA, DRT, LITEN/DTBH/LTB, France)
download poster [16]
Mechanisms and facts in accumulative sampling of condensable
and volatile organics: substance/interceptor/mass transfer <--> equilibrium.

Markus Kleinhappl (Bioenergy2020+, Graz, Austria) 
download poster [17]
Analytical strategies for tar characterization in an LT-CFB gasifier.
Zsuzsa Sárossya, Helge Egsgaarda, Jesper Ahrenfeldta, Ulrik B. Henriksena, Benny Gøbelb
(a Risø DTU, b Power New Bio Solutions, DONG Energy Power - all Denmark)

download poster [18]
Fluidized Bed Research Facilities for Gasification at IFK.
A. Gredinger, N. Armbrust, D. Schweitzer, M. Beirow, H. Dieter, G. Scheffknecht (IFK, University of Stuttgart, Germany)
download poster [19]
Capture efficiency and completeness in accumulative sampling
with solvents: measurable descriptors?

Markus Kleinhappl, Johannes Zeisler (Bioenergy2020+, Graz, Austria)

download poster [20]
Impactor measurements in Tar laden
hot raw gas for Biomass Gasifiers.

Mohit Pushp1,2, Kent Davidsson2,(SP Technical & Research Institute of Sweden, Boras, 2Gothenburg University, Sweden)
download poster [21]
Tar sampling and analysis according to CEN/TS 15439. CENER experience improving sampling & quantification.
Javier Gil, Ibai Funcia, Sergio Marin, Inés Echeverría (CENER, Spain)

download poster [22]
Tar sampling and analysis methods.
Mozhgan Ahmadi Svensson, Truls Liljedahl, Klas Engvall (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)
download poster [23]
New methods and developments on
syngas pollutants analysis.

E. Basset 1, F. Defoort 2, C. Coulpier 1, S. Thierry 2, S. Ravel 2, F. Fallot 1, M. André 1, Y. Kara 1, O. Guerrini 1 (1 GDF-Suez, 2 CEA, France)
download poster [24]

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